Drawing and stuff
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Gou with shark teeth~ Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, and school starts tomorrow morning… eugh. I wanted to do a big picture at the end of summer, but that didn’t happen so have this sketch.

I’m starting to realize that I draw Firo and Ennis to de-stress, but like, subconsciously.

  • dorothy! my scanner kinda ruined all the shading though
  • self-indulgent shippy nonsense I drew when I was upset about the beginning of volume 4 
  • michael for hetalina
  • ferret with her stuffed bat because that’s adorable

Doodles from when I was sitting around in Utah~ Sorry these are cropped and cut off kinda weird, the paper didn’t really fit in the scanner well

Michael wants to take a selfie with Ferret

Ferret disagrees and attempts to cover up the camera but doesn’t succeed in time