A few days ago Ina sent me this picture saying it reminded her of Monica so I figured I should draw Monica like that. Or sort of like that.

also Rail

also, a very fast sketch of Monica. Why does tumblr resize things so weirdly.

I give you: Niki

I love how Baccano has so many characters that I keep realizing “oh, I haven’t drawn that one yet”


I meant to watch a few episodes and then ended up rewatching the whole show and this happened.

I don’t have any gray copics and I really need some because that was kind of a pain to color

I have new markers, new paper, and a new scanner and I’m excited. this is an attempt at foreshortening and I really don’t know if it worked.

Have I ever told you that your Baccano fan arts give me life

wowowow I’m so glad :D